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Cookie Policy

    In order for this website to work properly, and in order for us to be able to continue improving it, with the aim to enhance your browsing experience, this website has to store to your computer a small amount of information (Cookies). Over 90 % of all websites use this practice, but pursuant to the EU Regulations form 25 March 2011, we are obliged to ask for your consent prior to having stored cookies on your computer. By using this website, you give your consent to use cookies. However, when you block cookies, you will be able to view the website, but some of its options would not be available to you.

    What are cookies?

    Cookies are the information stored on your computer by the websites you have visited. Cookies usually store your settings, as well as website settings, such as the preferred language or address. Later, when you visit the same website again, web browser sends back the cookies belonging to that website. This helps the website to show the information adjusted to your needs.
    Cookies can store wide range of information, including your personal information (such as your name or email address). However, this information can only be stored if you enable it – websites cannot get access to the information you did not provide, and cannot access other files on your computer.
    The default options of storing and sending cookies are not visible to you. However, you can change the settings of your internet browser, so you can decide on your own whether you would approve or deny requests for storing cookies, as well as delete the stored cookies automatically when closing your internet browser, etc.

    Manage Cookies

    If you are interested in managing your cookies learning more about how to cookies through you web browser, we recommend